Funding Opportunities

Joining the WeatherBug Schools Program opens a world of exciting learning possibilities in your classroom, from podcasting and video production to science literacy and social studies. Your weather station will become a magnet for students of all ages and abilities and a valuable community resource.

There are no recurring fees when you purchase your weather station and it is an investment that will last many years. In fact, many schools who joined the program when it began in 1993 are still active members. Even so, we understand that locating the funds to purchase a commercial-grade weather station can be tough so we've put together this web site to help make this process a bit easier.

Most schools fund their weather station using school or community resources like school equipment, transportation or safety budgets, PTA funds or donations from local businesses. The best idea is to think “local — and be creative” when you start your funding search.

If funds are not available locally, try pursuing state and national education funds including those earmarked for training and No Child Left Behind or privately funded grants offered by numerous corporations and philanthropic foundations. For detailed information on the grants for which the WeatherBug program qualifies and for a sample grant proposal you can use to make the grant writing process easier, click on the Grant Resource Center button below.



· Fundraisers
· Furniture, Fixtures &
  Equipment Budget
· Transportation Budget
· Safety Budget
· Extended Day Programs
· Fraternal Clubs
   - Lion's
   - Kiwanis
   - Rotary
· Local Businesses
   - Grocery
   - Hardware
   - Banks
   - Telephone/Cable Companies
   - Power/Utility Companies
   - Insurance
   - Law Firms
   - Beverage/Bottling Plants
· State Compensatory Education
· NCLB Funds
  - Title I
  - Title II (A, B & D)
  - Title IV
  - Title Title V
   (A, B, C & D)
· Corporate & Philanthropic grant opportunities

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“Grant Resource Center”