For Teachers

For Teachers

Your School Is On the Air

Every day, WeatherBug Schools make news all over the country. As the largest automated weather station network in the world, its information is used in the daily weather broadcasts of more than 100 television stations, including all the major networks. Over 80 million households tune in each week for live local conditions and forecasts courtesy of the WeatherBug Schools Network.

Access to the WeatherBug Schools Network up-to-the-second information enables broadcasters to serve their viewing audiences with more accurate local weather reports, including alerts on serious weather conditions. Schools, meanwhile, benefit from greater exposure to the community-at-large, and an ability to make meaningful contributions to their neighbors' lives.

Many of our broadcast partners also support their local WeatherBug schools by providing teacher training sessions and workshops, donating or underwriting weather stations and helping arrange educational sponsorships with local businesses.

WeatherBug School's unique partnership between broadcasters and schools provides a bridge from the classroom to the real world, helping students apply the lessons they learn in school to life outside school.