For Teachers

For Teachers

Your Weather Just Got Better™

WeatherBug Desktop is the #1 source for local weather on the Web. Its more than 50 million users - with more added every day - have made it the Internet's largest news and information resource. Why do so many people want the WeatherBug?

It puts live neighborhood weather right on your desktop, including:

  • Live weather conditions
  • Local five-day forecasts
  • Storm warnings and alerts
  • Live WeatherBug Camera images
  • Local Doppler radar
  • Cool weather and news links

WeatherBug Desktop uses real-time data from the WeatherBug Schools Network, the world's largest weather network. The WeatherBug Network - four times as large as that of the National Weather Service - is made up of more than 8,000 schools and over 100 TV stations.

Participating in the WeatherBug Schools Network showcases your school on WeatherBug Desktop and TV. Your students will enjoy watching their weather data feed local TV broadcasts and the Internet. Your community will appreciate access to an important new source of local information.

WeatherBug Desktop is free and safe for your computer. WeatherBug is NOT spyware, adware or malware and is aggressively fighting the battle against companies that promote such practices. For more information about fighting spyware and intrusive Internet technologies at home and at school, go to:

Download WeatherBug Desktop now, or share it with friends and family.