A Community Resource

As soon as your WeatherBug Tracking Station goes up, the word goes out: your school is the best source for local weather. Participating in the WeatherBug Schools Program not only provides your school with an outstanding educational tool, it raises your profile within your community in many positive ways.

Once your children's school joins the WeatherBug Schools Program, your community will appreciate:

  • Availability of neighborhood-level weather information (75% of US citizens live within 15 miles of a WeatherBug Tracking Station)
  • Instant weather alerts from the #1 Internet weather resource, the WeatherBug Desktop application
  • Live data feeds to local TV broadcasters, enabling them to provide viewers with more accurate updates and forecasts
  • Local weather downloads for wireless devices, like PDAs and cell phones
  • Improved ability to track - and respond to - dangerous, weather conditions
  • Participation in Homeland Security WeatherBug Network, providing live local weather information for improved emergency response