Using the Weather to Help Your Children Learn

The award-winning WeatherBug Schools Program combines meteorology and technology in an interactive learning environment. More than 8,000 schools nationwide use its lessons to teach a wide range of subjects, including science, math, geography, technology and more.

Its ability to integrate real-world conditions and data into the classroom can help your children grasp difficult educational concepts and improve problem solving. WeatherBug Achieve's Web-based instruction also provides a safe outlet for your children to learn how to use the Internet as a research tool within the confines of classroom-appropriate material.

WeatherBug Schools not only produce better students, they also make better neighbors. Your community can access local weather via the WeatherBug Desktop, the Web's top weather site, and our WeatherBug-affiliated TV stations. Your children's school will also become part of the Homeland Security WeatherBug Network, providing response teams with local weather data during emergencies.