For Curriculum Coordinators

For Curriculum Coordinators

Standards Coverage

WeatherBug Achieve lesson plans align with National and State Standards for math, science, and geography in grades K-12. Teachers can easily deliver standards-based lessons across core subjects to fulfill instructional objectives. Additionally, students' participation in hands-on WeatherBug Achieve activities, like mapping and graphing, reinforces educational concepts, and helps develop skills such as critical thinking and analysis.

WeatherBug Achieve is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it continues to comply with the latest academic standards and advancements in technology and Web-based instruction.

We understand that standards correlation is a critical component to curriculum mapping and lesson planning, so we built a tool that helps teachers approach our tool with that orientation.

The Activity Explorer tool makes it easy for teachers to search for lessons or projects by standards, grade level, subject, or keywords. All lesson come with a complete listing of the standards that lesson or activity covers for their state.