For Principals

For Principals

Case Study: Connecticut Middle School Students and WeatherBug Schools® Gain Local Celebrity Status and Greater School Performance via Interactive, Standards-Based Program

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The Solution:

To their surprise and amazement, Region 18's LOLMS found that the WeatherBug Schools Program not only met but exceeded their expectations. LOLMS discovered a curriculum aligned with Connecticut state standards - and one that would keep the students involved no matter how many times they used it. The original goal was to fulfill Connecticut standards for meteorology - but Region 18 soon discovered that WeatherBug Achieve touched almost every part of the school's curriculum (and CMT requirements).

Teacher Dave Fowler explains, "Especially nice are the interactive lessons that are available online with the WeatherBug Schools Program. They incorporate all of the current local weather data, no matter what time of year it is, to teach concepts like air pressure, dew point, and barometric pressure. I can take my whole class down to the computer lab and have them focus on one of the lessons, or I can have small groups or even individuals work on them. I like to use these lessons for enrichment groups, too, and sometimes they lend themselves nicely for the students who need some background knowledge on reports in other classes. It's set up so that they can even log on at home."

Dave's comments are echoed by his students. Sarah Behringer, fifth grader, says, "At the beginning of the year I thought it would be real difficult finding information to put into our reports, but with the template and the WeatherBug equipment, it was all right there. It brings our forecasting skills to a whole new level."

Many educational software products "get old." The kids get bored using them a few times, and the effectiveness is lost. Not so with the WeatherBug Schools Program! It has limitless lessons. Each new weather forecast is unique and different, because WeatherBug Achieve brings live conditions from the roof of their own school into the LOLMS classroom.

The students use live and historical weather data - all in colorful computer animation using Flash technology. The kids use the same lesson plans over and over again, yet they are new every time. Each change of season and even time of day generate a completely different set of data.

Along with "limitless lessons", Region 18 soon realized that the WeatherBug Schools Program also has limitless usage. There are no "software license" restrictions to limit the number of students who can log in at one time. Once LOLMS purchased the WeatherBug Schools Program they found students could use it at home, or at school - as many times as needed and by as many students as are enrolled. This is a great cost saving feature - as new students come to LOLMS, the cost stays the same.