For Curriculum Coordinators

For Curriculum Coordinators

Case Study: Connecticut Middle School Students and WeatherBug Schools® Gain Local Celebrity Status and Greater School Performance via Interactive, Standards-Based Program

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With the limitless lessons and constantly changing maps and graphs, LOLMS has discovered unlimited ways to exceed both the State of Connecticut and the national NCLB ("No Child Left Behind") standards for education. WeatherBug Achieve meets all 50 U.S. state standards, as well as Connecticut's.

Local celebrities Shannon Duffy, and Taylor Miller prepare to broadcast their weather forecast over the radio.

Students at Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School (LOLMS) of Region 18 in Connecticut have become local celebrities - broadcasting weather forecasts daily to families and the entire community of 50,000 on local AM radio, with their WeatherBug predictions. The citizens of Lyme and Old Lyme have embraced the childrens' efforts and the broadcast has become the high point of their day. Barry Betlinski, Production Director at AM 1420 WLIS in Old Saybrook / Middletown CT, says this public service has been a rousing success, “For two years now it has been our pleasure to feature students from the Lyme/Old Lyme Middle School reporting the weather as part of our weekday at noon local news program... At 1420 WLIS Old Saybrook and 1150 WMRD Middletown we're involved in the local communities we serve. So the work that David Fowler (the lead teacher of the program) and the students put into each day's forecast is a great fit, and the listeners love it!”

These middle school media stars may not realize it, but while they craft their daily weather forecasts, they are also learning about math, science, technology and more through the “limitless lessons” of WeatherBug Achieve. Students learn more with less effort because they are excited about learning. Teachers and administrators love the students' enthusiasm, but they love the results even more. Students at LOLMS are learning state-mandated lessons and mastering skills necessary for a successful life while they are having fun.

The Situation:

Teachers at Region 18's Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School (LOLMS) must deliver Connecticut standards-based lessons. Students are then tested on what they learn using the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT). The CMT tests student and school - with schools and districts then earning their own "report card." A good grade for a school district means additional funding via grants - and funding equates to better programs for the students.

Dave Fowler, teacher, says, "Our district is always updating our curriculum. Our school district purchased the WeatherBug Schools Program because it accomplishes everything we wanted to do with our weather curriculum. We have state standards to meet, and we found that they were all covered very nicely with one program. We particularly like the lesson plans that are a big help because they are available... right there online. We never have to reinvent the wheel..."