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For Teachers

What Customers are Saying

Shannon Paschall, Beech Tree ES, Falls Church, VA

"I have to say that of all the amazing tools at the WeatherBug website, I love the new WeatherBug Achieve interactive lessons the most. My students love the hands-on approach using these lessons with our mobile computer labs and I love the fact that they are able to learn at their own pace in an exciting, interactive way. Technology is a language many students today speak fluently, and I love being able to provide instruction through technology, because I know it will engage the students. The best thing about the WeatherBug Achieve lessons is that they're not just "bells and whistles" or time fillers. They are real instruction on the standards I need to teach. They are also easily differentiated to meet the needs of my class and best of all, they are so simple to use.

I also love the weather maps that my students have been creating with WeatherBug Achieve to use on our school's morning news show. In creating the maps and preparing to present them, my students have said they feel like real meteorologists; the weather maps they're creating and the "Meteorologist of the Day" templates make it quite simple for them to prepare very professional *weather updates* for our whole school!

Thanks for the wonderful tools!"

Debbie Easley, Priceville Elementary School, Decatur, AL

"My students love the easy access and entry into your website. The pages are so kid-friendly, and they allow the students to feel comfortable and at ease as they track storms or check weather data. It is an incredible resource right at our fingertips. Our school has not been able to acquire cable television yet, so with the current weather events occurring all across our globe, WeatherBug Achieve has allowed us to keep abreast of all the history making events that have been happening. Kids feel like they are right there as a hurricane moves across our country affecting our lives and future. It is awesome. When we visit the computer lab, your site is the first one that my students insist upon visiting. They check out current weather conditions and maneuver around your site with expert speed. Thank you for sharing this important information with us!"

Nina, WeatherBug Schools student, Atlanta

"I really enjoy the WeatherBug Tracking Station because it is interesting to see how the weather varies from school to school in different areas because of the geographic location. Also, whenever there is a storm or something we can predict it first."

Kenneth Sopelak, Fourth Grade Teacher, Webster Hill Elementary School, Hartford, CT

"The WeatherBug Schools program is all and more than it proposed to be. Our original intention was to use it in conjunction with the fourth grade weather curriculum. It turned out to be so powerful that we were able to enrich our entire curriculum in kindergarten through fifth grade in math, science, social studies and language arts."

Doug Drescher, Principal, Burnette Elementary School, Livingston, NJ

"What we like very much about it, is that in the earliest grades -- kindergarten, first, second and third - we can address the topic of science by conducting the simplest of experiments and comparing of the data they collect with the WeatherBug Schools data.And as they get older, it becomes more complicated. The students research information about weather in different schools in the program that are a few miles apart and compare and contrast conditions.

Now that we have the teachers who have been through the training and who are very much advocates for what we are doing, we are looking to continue selling the program to the parents and telling them that they can, at home or at work, get the same information as the students in school. So when a student gets an assignment and there is a weather component, they can get the same information at home that they can get at school. We think that is important to touch on -- we can involve our parents in the same things that we are researching in school."

Janis Schafer, Second and Third Grade Teacher, Thomas School, Carbondale, IL

"Traditionally, we have a lot of parent involvement nights throughout the year and Weather Night [a student-parent evening showcasing the school's use of WeatherBug Achieve in its curriculum] is also a great fundraiser for other school projects ... the kids get so excited about Weather Night because of the hands-on activities and the teachers love it because it's a centralized way to cover every facet of the curriculum."

Dr. Joe Hairston, Former Superintendent, Clayton County Public Schools, GA

"I think the WeatherBug Schools Program is a wonderful opportunity for hands-on learning."

Rob Wallace, Teacher, New Orleans Center for Science and Math

"With our new ability to use the Internet in the classrooms this year, the WeatherBug Schools Program provides a focused way for the kids to get the most out of the Web."

Bill Krayer, Teacher, Gaithersburg High School, Montgomery County, MD

"As an educator, one of my goals is to make science really live for my students - take it out of their textbooks, put it into their real lives. The WeatherBug Schools Program really does that."