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Numerous independent studies have identified the effectiveness of web-based programs that use real-world, even real-time data to create an educational atmosphere of discovery and inquiry.

The Cornell Institute for Research on Children's Science Education Programs conducted an independent study, Thinking Like a Scientist about Real-World Problems, that concluded consistent and discovery-laden use of real-world data like that found in virtually every lesson and activity in the WeatherBug Schools Program, improves metacognitive development, especially among students of culturally diverse backgrounds and education settings.

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Helps teachers cover state education standards

Standards correlation is a critical component to curriculum mapping and lesson planning, so the WeatherBug Schools® Program includes tools for teachers to "search and select" based on state standards and curriculum units they are covering.

Students perform up to 40% better

Improve Student Performance

Students in New York City really enjoy using the WeatherBug Schools Program and performed up to 40% better on science and literacy tests.

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Easy and fun for teachers to use

The WeatherBug Schools Program is easy and fun for teachers to use. There are no "software license" restrictions that limit the number of teachers or students who can log in at one time.