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Weather and Boating — June 2011

Dear Educator,

We have just a few days left until the first day of astronomical summer, traditionally known as the Summer Solstice for those of us in the United States and the Northern Hemisphere. The Summer Solstice marks the one time of year the Northern Hemisphere is at maximum tilt toward the Sun. As a result, those of us north of the equator will be provided with the longest day of sunlight.

View this month's video lesson in Windows Media PlayerWith summer upon us, most of the country will spend more time at the beach, at lakes and in the water with outdoor activities like boating and rafting. As you can imagine, no matter what type of body of water it is, there are weather hazards that can affect us all.

In this final issue of Classroom Connections for the 2010-2011 school year, WeatherBug Meteorologist Paul Douglas hits Lake Minnetonka and teaches us what the biggest weather-related dangers are for boaters and swimmers and what steps we can take to stay safe. You can view the video in Windows Media Player or in QuickTime. (Download tip: since these video files are rather large, right-click on the video and save the video to your desktop and then play it from there. It may take several minutes depending on your connection speed).

Thank you for letting WeatherBug Schools and Classroom Connections be part of your school year. Our goal was to educate students and demonstrate how weather can be integrated into sports and has a direct effect on our sporting activities. We hope it sparked the interest of you and your students.

We are off for the summer, but will be back next school year. Please make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the August issue of Classroom Connections when we announce a new, exciting weather-related topic for the new school year.



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