For Curriculum Coordinators

For Curriculum Coordinators

The WeatherBug Weather Station

Out-of-the-Box Weather Monitoring

At the heart of the WeatherBug Schools Program is a state-of-the-art, scientific-grade weather monitoring system that's built to withstand all kinds of environmental conditions. Securely installed on the school roof, it records 27 different real-time weather measurements. Its live weather data is fed into our online educational program, WeatherBug Achieve, as well as WeatherBug's mobile and web properties and the 100+ broadcast partners across the country. In addition, it can help keep you and your students safe by providing advanced warning of lightning and severe weather in your area.

The WeatherBug Weather Station Components

  1. Wind Sensor - Records wind speed, wind direction, average wind speed and the highest gust for the day.
  2. Sensor Shelter - Records 18 weather parameters, including temperature, relative humidity, heat index, wind chill, barometric pressure, dew point, wet bulb and more.
  3. Rain Gauge - Records five weather parameters, including daily, monthly, and yearly rain measurements as well as amounts of rain per hour.
  4. Lightning Sensor (optional) - Provides integrated in-cloud (IC) and cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning detection and integrates with the Weather Station, indoor and outdoor notification systems.
  5. HD Cam (optional) - Takes new images of local weather conditions every five minutes in beautiful 1280 x 720 and full 16:9 aspect ratio.
  6. PTZ HD Cam (optional) - The Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) HD Cam is a rapid dome camera that delivers excellent picture quality in HD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Advanced programming and control options provides a 10x optical HD zoom, tilt up to 210 degrees and pan up to 360 degrees.
  7. WeatherBug Network Appliance - This IP enabled device connects easily to the Internet and transmits and stores your station weather data. Built with a 72-hour battery back-up, automatic rebooting capability for power outages and data recall.
  8. WeatherBug LCD Display - This bright and easy-to-read plug-and-play LCD display can be installed in school offices, classrooms, science labs, hallways and high-traffic areas. It will scroll and report: current conditions, forecast (3-day), Doppler radar, live and time-lapse camera and local weather alerts.

WeatherBug Weather Stations and cameras require very little maintenance and all components are "plug and play," meaning once they are plugged in, they go to work. Should there be a maintenance problem, issues can be evaluated and diagnosed remotely by our unlimited toll-free technical support. WeatherBug Weather Stations come with a comprehensive 1-year warranty.