For Principals

For Principals

WeatherBug HD Cam

The HD Weather Camera delivers exceedingly clear, high definition images to your classroom of storms and systems as they move through your area - in full 16:9 aspect ratio. Teachers and students correlate measurements they are observing with images captured every five minutes.

Data is sent directly from the camera over normal high-speed Internet lines (images are sent via FTP and video is sent via MotionJPEG). No special equipment or external computer is needed. WeatherBug's HD Camera operates to -40°F, eliminating any concerns about placing a weather camera in direct contact with severe weather. And power over Ethernet means one cable does it all!

WeatherBug HD Cam is part of the HD package.


The WeatherBug MotionCam takes the power to observe to new heights. It's your classroom's window on the world, bringing flexibility, clarity and functionality that will truly break down the walls of your learning environment.

Teach students how to gather, analyze, interpret and correlate information and how that information relates to the real world. MotionCam's advanced programming and control options give you the ability to zoom in on subjects for added picture quality; pan up to 340 degrees; tilt up to 115 degrees; and accommodate 16 separate settings, creating limitless possibilities for combining the visual excitement of the environment with data and measurements collected by your Tracking Station. Programming versatility not only promotes learning in your classroom but also gives administrators the ability to monitor school grounds right from their desktop PC.

In addition to capturing images of live conditions, the MotionCam offers access to historical image archives (for up to one year). The archives enable students to observe time-lapse studies, animations of weather systems as they blow in, and the results that take place when temperature and dew points rise and fall, light intensity increases and decreases, seasons change, etc.

MotionCam is part of the Motion package.