For Teachers

For Teachers

Learning Can be Easy for Teachers Too!


Learn more about Onsite Training and the WeatherBug Training Team

The training required for most education technology costs money and time and often does not cover teacher development, i.e., how to efficiently use the technology and correlate it to the classroom environment. With regular staff turnover and reassignments, training can become a major expense category that prevents many schools from pursuing new technologies.

WeatherBug Achieve comes with training modules that can be accessed whenever and wherever it is most convenient for teachers - at home, at school, before class starts or in the evening. The web-based training modules are divided into easy-to-learn topics that last no more than 15 minutes each and can be viewed on any computer with an Internet connection as many times as needed!

The At Your Convenience (AYC) Training includes 17 modules that last from 5 to 15 minutes each. Here are some of the topics available:

Module 1: How Your Weather Data Gets To WeatherBug Achieve
Outdoor/Indoor Equipment
10 minutes
Module 2: Accessing WeatherBug Achieve
School Key Code/Subscription
Teacher Login
Student Access
5+ minutes
Module 3: The WeatherBug Achieve Main Page
Quality Check
Overview of Materials Included
5+ minutes
Module 4: Accessing Your Weather Observations
Overview of 5 tabs (Using and Archiving)
Daily Graph and Parameter Interaction
10 minutes
Module 5: Using WeatherBug Camera Images to Make Connections
Overview of Using Camera Images
Camera and Graph Together
10 minutes
Module 6: Using Map Gallery & Weather Maps in the Classroom
Drilling Down into Regions - How Topography Impacts Weather
Comparison of Two Weather Maps
10 minutes
Module 7: WeatherBug Achieve Lessons & Projects
Overview of Lessons
Review of Middle School Lesson Layout and Important Features
Suggestions on Use
Overview of Project (differences between Teacher/Student)
10 minutes
Module 8: Weather Summaries
Analyzing Local and National Data Table
Suggested uses or activities
5 minutes
Module 9: Meteorology Match Game
Sample Game
How to use it as a WNC navigational tool
5 minutes
Module 10: Using Extreme Weather Table
How to use it as a springboard for research
5 minutes
Module 11: Powers of StormDisplay
Overview of Local Map
Overview of National Map
5 minutes
Module 12: Change WeatherBug Tracking Stations
Point Achieve to a weather station where weather is happening
Return home
5 minutes
Module 13: Library Resources
Archives, HurricaneNet, and Glossaries
10 minutes
Module 14: Archiving Articles, Images, and Data from WeatherBug Achieve
Cut/Paste Functionality
Adding questions to articles in Word
5 minutes
Module 15: Manipulating Data Tables in a Spreadsheet
Cut/Paste data table into Excel and save
Deleting Columns & Pasting into Word for lesson creation
10 minutes
Module 16: Creating Graphs from Data Tables in a Spreadsheet
Using Chart Wizard functionality in Excel to create graph
Cut/Paste into Word for lesson creation
10 minutes
Module 17: Saving Time-Lapses as a Presentation
Using Custom Animation functionality
10 minutes


Onsite Training

WeatherBug Schools will also bring our training program to your school and staff in a one-day, hands-on, in-person training program.

One of our professional trainers will come to your school and work with the staff to get the teachers and the program up and running. They will present and review applications like mapping and graphing, camera images, live and historical data and the interactive lessons. They will also discuss using information collected by other schools, the measurements taken by the weather station and demonstrate ways to use standard software programs, such as Excel or PowerPoint, to utilize the data and develop additional classroom lessons.

WeatherBug Schools Training Team = Certified Experience

WeatherBug School's Professional Development trainers are certified educators with over 40 years of educational and professional training experience between them.

Online or onsite training can be arranged to meet your school's individual needs. For more information, please contact the training department at or
1-800-544-4429, ext. 1721.