"Our team of talented people work to provide our customers with the most accurate, timely and precise weather information possible. At Earth Networks we are committed to providing the technology and tools to better protect our communities and the organizations that support them."

- Bob Marshall,
President & CEO
Earth Networks
Earth Networks

About Earth Networks

Earth Networks offers a wide portfolio of information services and products for businesses, schools and government agencies to receive precise, live weather conditions, visualization and early warnings to confidently protect lives and property. Earth Networks provides global, innovative weather solutions for consumer and business users.

The Earth Network weather network of international weather stations is the world's largest with sensors and cameras located at schools, major sports stadiums and public safety facilities across the United States. In addition, the network continues to expand internationally, including a significant presence in Canada and the UK.

More than 100 federal, state and local emergency response and government agencies, including the National Weather Service and the Department of Homeland Security, rely on Earth Networks weather information for mission-critical decisions when managing risks and aiding in protecting the public. Earth Networks has a strong presence in the energy sector empowering traders with information to analyze existing and potential weather conditions in their trading regions that impact the prices of electricity and gas. In addition, Earth Networks agricultural solutions empower growers with access to weather information that has major financial benefits when spraying valuable chemicals, predicting yields or pinpointing a farm management problem. Earth Networks solutions are used by major sports organizations, facilities and recreational parks/resorts to support operational and contingency planning for events and player/spectator safety.

Under the WeatherBug consumer brand, over 70 NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX broadcast partners use Earth Networks weather information during their daily newscasts to millions of viewers every day. Additionally, thousands of schools apply the K-12 Earth Networks Achieve® curriculum in the classroom to improve math and science test scores and/or use Earth Networks Protect, the first real-time location-based mobile weather alerting product.

Did you Know?

  • Every day in North America, Earth Networks collects more weather data than any other source
  • The Earth Networks proprietary network is the world's largest and fastest-growing weather network in the USA, Canada and the UK
  • Earth Networks partners with the National Weather Service and dozens of federal, state and local agencies to provide the most precise local weather data possible
  • Earth Networks is the exclusive partner for weather data to Verizon's 67 million monthly users