Out-of-the-Box Weather Monitoring

The WeatherBug Tracking Station is a state-of-the-art weather monitoring system that's so simple even a child can use it (ask any of the students at our 7,000 WeatherBug Achieve schools).

Built to withstand all kinds of weather, the WeatherBug Tracking Station is easily installed on the school roof, where it records 27 different real-time weather measurements. Its live weather data is fed into our online educational program, the WeatherBug Achieve Classroom, as well as the WeatherBug and, in many locations, to one of 100 broadcast partners across the countries.

What does the tracking station include?

  • Wind Sensor [ view ] - Records wind speed, wind direction, average wind speed, and highest gust for the day.
  • Sensor [ view ] - Records 18 weather parameters, including temperature, relative humidity, heat index, barometric pressure, dew point and more.
  • Rain Gauge [ view ] - Records five weather parameters, including daily, monthly and yearly rain measurements and amounts of rain per hour.
  • InstaCam (with gold packages) [ view ] - Takes new images of the local weather conditions every five minutes.
  • MotionCam (with platinum package) [ view ] - Takes images of local weather conditions and up to eight other subjects every five minutes, with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom with controls from your desktop.
  • Internet Weather Transmitter - An advanced Internet appliance that processes, transmits and stores weather data, with automatic rebooting capability if there are power outages and data recall so you station stays up through vacations, etc.

WeatherBug Tracking Stations require very little maintenance and all components are “plug and play,” meaning once they are plugged in, they go to work.

Should there be a maintenance problem, issues can be evaluated and diagnosed remotely by our unlimited toll-free technical support specialists. The WeatherBug Tracking Station comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty.

Seeing is Believing...and Learning

WeatherBug cameras bring the data gathered from your Tracking Station alive in your classroom. Introduce hundreds of learning possibilities into your classroom with visual footage of weather systems, cloud formations, sun and moon positions, and more.