For Curriculum Coordinators

For Curriculum Coordinators

Map Gallery

Your students can view and print maps of your school's region with readings from up to six additional sites in the area, enabling them to compare live weather conditions and learn spatial relationships. Map Gallery

WeatherBug Achieve's mapping tool teaches students how to gather information, generalize and categorize the data and find the right symbols or colors to represent it. Using weather with familiar weather and other map symbols and graphics makes it simple and relevant to students at all grade levels.

Expanded Map Gallery features include:

  • Interactive maps defined by zip code or desired region
  • Interchangeable and animated topographic, radar, and infrared or visible satellite map options for every selection
  • Comprehensive map legends with color codes and symbols
  • Access to radar animations for the previous hour
  • The ability to draw on maps on-screen, including:
    • Weather Map Symbols
    • Text labels
    • Lines
  • Fully printable